Tornblad Management

Leif Tornblad has a Master Degree in Political Science and economy (Cand.polit) and he has a vast experience from Management
positions in International companies.Tornblad Management has a cooperation with other International Consultancy Companies around the world 

First step is a sincere dialog with the future employer
Second step is  beginning a search process
Third step is interview with potential candidates
Fourth step is selection of 2-4 possible candidates for a first interview and presentation to future employer
Fifth step could be test of candidate and finally references taken
Sixth step is when employer  have a final discussion with candidate
Seventh step is follow up/onboarding of candidate  
Leif has been working as recruiter for more than 30 years.

I have been working as Management Consultant since 1995. 

Apart from recruitment of Senior Managers and Specialist I also work with:

Market research and Strategic Planning

All succesful private companies need to look at their market potential and from their position in the market look at strength and weaknesses and from that make a strategic plan  
Coaching and consulting Management Teams in implementing strategies and operational plans

Why me
My experience comes from Management positions in major International Corporations that include British Petroleum, InWear (Danish Fashion Company) and a retail chain of more than 120 shops. I have always been working with teams in order to make companies adapt to the challenges coming from the market


My e-mail:
My phone number: +45 40304898

My address: Kellerisvej 51, DK 3490 Kvistgård

 My second Big interest and activity in life has been and still is Dressage Sport

Welfare of the horse is a top priority "

Correct Dressage

As rider, trainer and Dressage Judge my focus has always been on correct riding and training of the dressage horse

My wife is World Dressage Champion and also the first World Cup winner. Picture on the right is her top horse,Marzog,that won European and World Championship gold medals and the two other pictures shows her training and competing Donna Rubin, a home bred mare

Leif Tornblad as International Dressage Judge and dressage expert