Management Consultant Leif Törnblad

Search and Selection

 The Working Process and Terms and Conditions

Advising concerning Recruitment Channels
The possibilities of reaching candidates by using new recruitment channels are continuously extended and the efficiency of the many channels varies and not at least depends on the type of position, trades and geographical location. Cosmos Group advises on which recruitment channels that will be most suitable to use taking the costs and the effect into consideration.
Leif Törnblad’s attitude to the selection of candidates is that the candidates’ professional background and personal qualifications are equal assessment parameters. Leif Törnblad’s selection process involves that we focus on attracting several candidates possessing the right professional qualifications among which the most suitable candidate is selected.

Job/Performance Analysis

Selected key persons with direct/indirect influence on the job are interviewed in order to set up requirements and expectations to the new employee. Furthermore relevant written material is analysed. If necessary, external persons are interviewed in order to define market conditions and success criteria.

Drawing up a Candidate Profile

Based on the job/performance analysis a candidate profile is drawn up in writing. The profile states requirements and expectations to the new employee’s professional background and personal qualifications.

Advertising/Search Basis

Depending on the recruitment channels chosen an advertising text/layout and/or proposal to search basis are worked out in relation to database search and direct contact to non job-seeking candidates. The proposal is discussed with and approved by the customer. Leif Törnblad contacts the advertising agency and proofreads the advertisement.

Handling of Applications

Leif Törnblad answers telephone inquiries and makes sure that the candidates are being registered and that they all receive a letter confirming our receipt of their application. Suitable candidates are invited for introductory interviews (one or two) and candidates who do not proceed are refused.

Evaluation of Applicants

Leif Törnblad evaluates (very much in cooperation with the customer) the applications received and suitable candidates are selected based on their professional qualifications (education, working experience, etc.).

First Introductory Interviews

Leif Törnblad invites suitable candidates for an introductory interview at our premises (the customer may participate). The purpose of the first introductory interview is partly to form a general view of whom of the candidates who meets the requirements and expectations to the position – including “personal chemistry” – partly to screen out unsuitable candidates.

Assessment of Selected Candidates

Leif Törnblad tests and depth interviews selected candidates in order to assess their personal profile compared with the job profile.


On candidates found suitable references are obtained at former employers, but only according to agreement with the candidate.


Assessed candidates are reported to the customer. On candidates found suitable a written report is sent to the customer. Furthermore, we propose an introduction plan for the candidate preferred.


Leif Törnblad will follow up on the employee’s performance through interviews with the employee as well as his/her closest superior.


Leif Törnblad´s fee is either a fixed fee or a percentage of the employed candidate’s first annual gross income (exclusive of advertising costs, value added tax and other direct costs). The percentage depends on the candidate profile and the choice of recruitment channel.


Leif Törnblad guarantees employment of the best suitable candidate to the position, which means that we continue our work until the right candidate is found. The guarantee also comprises our continued work if it turns out that the candidate has to be replaced within a period of 6 months from the starting date of the employment due to lack of the stipulated qualifications. However, the guarantee does not comprise advertising costs, expenses for writing the advertisement and other direct costs.


Leif Törnblad invoices 50% of the total amount upon conclusion of agreement. The remaining amount falls due when the candidate has been employed or if the customer chooses to stop the process. The terms of payment are 8 days net cash.