Management Consultant Leif Törnblad

Career development

Many of the employees in a company are ambitious and seeking a good career development.

Most young and talented people are looking for a rapid development, which often means bigger responsibilities, a higher position and better title and a higher salary. These positions often involves management of staff and more administrative work.
There are however many more ways to get a good and motivating career. Some people would like to develop their skills and become experts i certain areas and other members of the staff would like to have frequent changes and to be “broader” and getting new areas of responsibilities.
We do have tools and experience in finding out which would be the best career path for the individual.
Let us help you planning the best career for the ambitious members of your staff. As outsiders it is easier for us to find the truth, about talent and motivation factors for the individual person and we can become good partners to the management of the company, in order to plan a career path that will make the employee stay in the company and contribute in the best possible way.