Management Consultant Leif Törnblad



Most companies and organizations have visions, strategies and plans. Most managements have been working with creating strategies and a business vision for their company. Many top managers have been involved for a long time to formulate and think about the long term targets of the company or organization.

Most managemnet teams forget that what they feel and understand as natural and obvious has taken them long time to realize. They expect the rest of the organization to understand visions and strategies after a short briefing or maybe only via  a statement on the intranet.

If you really want to be succesful, it is important that every person in you organization understands the plans and their own role in achieving the expected results.

We can help you coaching a proces that will involve everyone necessary in reaching your goals.

We have the experiences from many Nordic and International companies and we are used to working with different cultures and especially in the Nordic countries differences of management systems and style are bigger than you may expect.