Management Consultant Leif Törnblad

Det er længe siden jeg har opdateret denne side. Min Rid for en dommer aktivitet er dog stadig i gang og jeg har haft mange gode samlinger med dygtige ryttere. Der er planlagt tre terminer i august og begyndelsen af september på Sjælland. Hvis du vil høre mere om dette kan du kontakte mig på tel. 40304898 eller mail

During this summer period I have conducted a number of “ride for the judge” sessions. Here the rider rides a test and I judge it and after that I tell the rider where he or she can improve and I let the ride try once more parts of the test. Sometimes it is details and some other times it is more severe problems such as tempo, form elasticity and suppleness that we have to work with. Each and every time it has led to big improvements for the rider.

Dressage training

Leif has am invitation from the Danish Veterinay Federation on how judges can promote and influense the riders to ride in a manner that developes healthy horses prevent injuries caused by exagerated training. This session takes place the 5th of October.
Leif has conducted two seminars for freestyle interested riders, trainers and other interested in understanding how judges evaluates freestyle test at all levels. Both seminars were very succesful and with a lot of active and interested participants. This seminar will be repeated in Norway the 25th of November.
Anne Grethe runs a succesful training centre in Nordsjælland, Denmark. She is fully booked at the moment with a lot of good competition riders
Leif Tornblad, who is a 5* judge gives clinics on how to improve you dressage results.