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Management Consultant

Leif Törnblad is working together with partners in the Oresund region (Copenhagen and Malmoe). Leif Törnblad has a Master Degree in Political Science and Politics from Copenhagen University and he has been working in international coorporations until he ten years ago established himself as Management Consultant.
Executive Search and Selection, coaching of managers, developing modern organisations and implementation of strategies and objectives are all subjects that involves people. No company or organisation can make a difference and be competitive if they do not employ the best people and if the managemnt do not have the ability to organize and motivate their staff in the most effecient way.
These are simple facts and of course it is the main task for the management to lead their company and staff, but sometimes it is a good idea to seek inspiration and help from an outside partner.
Leif Törnblad has been working with strategic management and as General Manager and he has a special knowledge  and experience in working in a multicultural environment. Management systems and style is more different in Denmark and Sweden than most people from outside this region realizes. On top of that Leif has been working as Team Manager of a medalwinning team in the world of sports (equestrian).